Omaha home inspection services

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Omaha Home Inspection Services

Searching for real estate, house or new home

Home Inspection

Comprehensive pre-buy inspection of all of the home’s systems by a licensed general contractor and home inspector to help make sure you know what you are buying.

Searching for real estate, house or new home

Thermal Leak & Electrical Scan

Utilizing advanced Infrared (IR) cameras and moisture sensors to scan the entire home for unseen water leaks and unsafe electrical system components. This can catch small problems before the become expensive, major problems.

Set of Air Quality Filters

Indoor Air Quality

90% of our time is spent indoors. We can test one room or an entire house for the air quality and presence of contaminants, including unseen mold spores. Preliminary test before and instead of expensive lab testing.

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Water Quality Test

From heavy metals to pesticides and everything in between can negatively affect your family’s health. We help you know exactly what is in your family’s water.

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Sewer Scope

Coming soon!

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Radon Testing

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